Korean Search: cho

cho grass; KangXi radical 140
myo cho argue, dispute; disturb, annoy
cho so look like, resemble, be like
cho copy, confiscate, seize
cho encourage; to excel; excellent
cho beginning, initial, primary
cho tip of twig, top of tree; twig
cho fry, saute, roast, boil, cook
cho peak; cliff; precipice
cho kyo beckon, summon; recruit, levy
cho myo beard of grain or corn; a second
cho far; distant
cho silent, quiet, still; anxious
cho steep, precipitous, rugged
cho so whistle, blow whistle; chirp
cho to stare at
cho rush plant
cho pointed tip of something long like a branch; rudder
cho paper money, bank notes; copy
cho saltpeter, niter; > to tan
cho burned, scorched; anxious, vexed
cho grass, straw, thatch, herbs
cho small light carriage
cho pepper, spices
cho jump over, leap over; surpass
cho cak toast one's host with wine; to express juice by pressing
cho marten, sable, mink
cho to change one's countenance, be anxious; to blush
cho little, slightly; rather
cho raw silk fabric
cho destroy, exterminate, annihilate
cho name of feudal state; clear
cho destroy, exterminate, annihilate
cho clever; alert in mind pigmies
cho criticize, scold, blame, ridicule
cho children's hair style; a youngster
cho cak vinegar; jealousy, envy
cho chat, jaw, gossip, talk
cho chew; eat; munch
cho be worn-out, emaciated, haggard
cho scorch, burn, scald; torch
cho scabbard, sheath
cho woodcutter; firewood; gather wood
cho shovel
cho reef; jetty; submerged rocks
cho shovel
cho foundation stone, plinth
cho banana; plantain
cho religious service; Daoist or Buddhist ceremony
cho tower; surname
cho lose baby teeth and get adult teeth
cho be worn-out, emaciated, haggard
cho wren