Korean Search: chwi

chwi blow; puff; brag, boast
chwi take, receive, obtain; select
chwi cook; meal
chwi smell, stink, emit foul odor
chwi crisp; fragile, frail; brittle
chwi marry, take wife
chwi just, simply; to come, go to; to approach, near
chwi fine hair or fur on animals
chwi tha put things under clothes
ca chwi beak
chwi feel tired, be weary, be worn out
chwi assemble, meet together, collect
chwi color green; kingfisher
chwi mouth, lips
chwi chwuk what attracts one's attention
chwi intoxicated, drunk; addicted to
chwi a sledge for transportation
chwi be worn out, be haggard
chwi to blow, exhale
chwi condor, vulture
chwi procedure; gallop; sudden(ly)