Korean Search: ci

ci marks preceding phrase as modifier of following phrase; it, him her, them; go to
ci disperse, pay; support; branch
ssi ci clan, family; mister
ci stop, halt, desist; detain
ci only, just, simply
ci purpose, aim; excellent
ci earth; soil, ground; region
ci calm, lull
ci reach, arrive; extremely, very
ci tha pool, pond; moat; cistern
ci chirping, squeaking, hissing
ci settle
ci islet in stream; small sandbar
ci purpose, will, determination; annals
ci site, location, land for house
ci foundation; site; address
ci a river in Hebei province
ci know, perceive, comprehend
ci human limbs; animal feet
ci branches, limbs; branch off
ce ci resist, oppose; deny; off-set
ci an islet, a rock in a river; an embankment; to stop
ce ci bottom, underneath, underside
ci happiness, blessings, good luck
ci ki trifoliate orange; hedge thorn; (Cant.) a plug
ci sustain, support; hold, grasp
ci finger, toe; point, indicate
ci foot measure of Zhou dynasty
ki ci the spirit of the earth; (used for 只) only, merely, but
ci fat, grease, lard; grease
ci a whetstone; to polish
ci lick with tongue
ci sesame; a purplish or brown mushroom thought to have miraculous powers; 'a divine and relicitous plant' (Karlgren)
ci angelica, type of iris
ci paper
ci only, merely
ci respect, look up to, revere
ci toe; tracks, footprints
ci spots, moles; birthmark
ci wisdom, knowledge, intelligence
ci end of axle; divergent
ci late, tardy; slow; delay
ci late, tardy; slow; delay
ci spider
ci soak, steep; dye; stains; sodden
ci porch; courtyard; steps leading
ci write down; record; magazine
ci sincere, warm, cordial; surname
cil ci matter, material, substance
ci hesitate, undecided; embarrassed
ci late, tardy; slow; delay
ci a bamboo flute with seven holes
ci seasoned rice mixed with fish or vegetables
ci gift superior; gift given
sik ci recognize, understand, know
ci recognize, understand, know
ci stumble, totter; fail, be frustrated
ci hawk, vulture