Korean Search: co

co tricky, sly, crafty, cunning
co cek condole, mourn, pity; hang
co claw, nail, talon; animal feet
so co imperial decree; summon
co omen; million; mega; also trillion. China = million; Japan and Taiwan = trillion
co early; soon; morning
co search, seek, look for; find
co scratch; clutch, seize, grab
co clause, condition; string, stripe
co help, aid, assist
co black; police runners, from the black clothes formerly worn by them
co impede, hinder, obstruct; oppose
co go, advance; to; die
co frivolous; unsteady; delay
co the steps leading to the eastern door
so co bright, luminous; illustrious
to co a load carried on the shoulders; to carry
co meat offered in sacrifice to one's ancestors
co chopping board or block; painted
so co illumine, light up; reflect
co to die
co throne; bless; blessing, happiness
co morning, dawn; surname
co flea; louse
co be withered, fallen; exhausted
co ladle, bamboo skimmer
co ancestor, forefather; grandfather
co cut or engrave; a grave or tombstone
co rent, lease; rental; tax
co look at, gaze at, scan, survey
co an ancestral hall
co rough, thick, course; rude
co slender; quiet and modest, charming
co class; section, department
co carve, decorate; emaciated
co ministry officials; surname
co construct, build, make, begin; prepare
co cwu chirp, twitter, twittering
co bird; KangXi radical 196
ton co red lacquer bow
co fish; fishhook; tempt, lure
co chayk place; collect, arrange; employ
co clause, condition; string, stripe
co decree, proclaim; imperial decree
co engrave, inlay, carve; exhaust
co date tree; dates, jujubes; surname
co dynasty; morning
co silk braid, sash
co cwu dense, crowded, packed; soupy
co to jump, leap, vault, bounce; dance
co tempt
co shine, illumine, reflect
co finish, to go around
co large hoe; surname; a spear brevium
co cicada, broad locust
co begin, commence, originate
co surname; ancient state
co transport by water; canal transportation
co noisy
co come across, meet with, encounter
co trough; manger; vat, tank; groove; a distillery
調 co cwu transfer, move, change; tune
co tide; moist, wet, damp; flow
co ridicule, deride, scorn, jeer at
co conduct, run, control, manage
chak co error, blunder, mistake, wrong
co wash, bathe
co anxious, apprehensive
swu co oxalic (used in compounds)
co be noisy; chirp loudly
co engrave, inlay, carve; exhaust; used for 鵰 an eagle, vulture
co dry, parched, arid; quick-tempered
co pearl pendants on coronet
co ship
co the convovulvus; parasitic plants such as mistletoe; Ribes ambiguum
co coarse, harsh, rough, unpolished rice
co sediment, dregs; pickle
co rank; rancid; frowzy, fetid; bashful
co a kind of sea turtle; surname
co eagle, vulture; Aquila species (various)
co to reel silk from cocoons
co pagrosomus major, porgy
co tense, excited, irritable
co clamor, noise, din; slander
co furnace; kitchen stove
co so minnow
co splendid, magnificent; algae
co sell grains
chak co chisel; bore, pierce