Korean Search: cwu

cwu dot; KangXi radical 3
cwu master, chief owner; host; lord
cwu discard, reject, lose
cwu cinnabar, vermilion; surname
cwu boat, ship; KangXi radical 137
cwu administrative division, state
cwu discard
cok cwu foot; attain, satisfy, enough
cwu the elbow; help a person shoulder a load
cwu walk, go on foot; run; leave
cwu reside, live at, dwell, lodge; stop
cak cwu make; work; compose, write; act, perform
cwu time as concept; infinite time
cwu lies
cwu lean on; post; prod; ridicule
cwu concentrate, focus, direct
cwu curse, damn, incantation
cwu curse, damn, incantation
cwu Zhou dynasty; circumference
cwu small, little, tiny, dwarf
cwu pillar, post; support; lean on
cwu name of an emperor; saddle part
cwu continent; island; islet
cwu helmet, headpiece; descendant
cwu daytime, daylight
cwu a beautiful girl
cwu a beak; to peck
cwu a feudal state which existed B.C.700-469; now in Shandong
cwu helmet
cwu candle wick, lamp wick; stick of incense
cwu memorialize emperor; report
cwu wine, spirits, liquor, alcoholic beverage
cwu double-fermented wine, vintage wine
cwu numerary adjunct for trees; root
chwuk cwu pray for happiness or blessings
cwu precious stone, gem, jewel, pearl
cwu kind of thin silk
cwu ca work, make; act
cwu piece together, assemble
cwu insects that eat books, clothes
cwu a red mole; cinnabar
co cwu chirp, twitter, twittering
cwu daytime, daylight
cok cwu a family clan, ethnic group, tribe
cwu spider
cwu explain; annotate; make entry
cwu week; turn, cycle; anniversary
cwu give for charity
cwu to curse; to swear an oath incantations
cwu piece together, assemble
cwu standing (something) up
cwu cwuk syllable
cwu kitchen; closet; cupboard
cwu strong, unyielding, forceful
co cwu dense, crowded, packed; soupy
cwu between the skin and the flesh
cwu shaft
cwu execute, kill, put to death; punish
cwu to set a dog on; incite, instigate
cwu to silk cloth, satin damask
cwu coverlet; bedspread
cwu to be stationed at, reside at; to stop
調 co cwu transfer, move, change; tune
cwu timely rain, life-giving rain
cwu kitchen; closet; cupboard
cwu give for charity
cwu companion, mate, colleague
cwu species of deer
cwu hubs of wheel; converge around
cwu thak a beak; to peck; to order, enjoin upon
cwu cover up; curtain
cwu frame on which silkworms spin
cwu hesitate, waver, falter
cwu farmland, arable land; category
cwu the spider
cwu chip, tally, token; raise money
cwu hesitate, falter; smug, self-satisfied
cwu melt, cast; coin, mint