Korean Search: hoy

hoy koy assemble, meet together; meeting
hoy ashes; dust; lime, mortar
hoy return, turn around; a time
hoy to return to or from
hoy hesitate
hoy a back-water; an eddy a whirlpool
hoy type of oak; stable
hoy restore; big, great, immense, vast
hoy linger, walk to and fro, hesitain
hoy circle around; return; curving
hoy return, turn around; a time
hoy repent, show remorse, regret
hoy revolve, rotate; curving, zigzag
hoy Chinese cypress, Chinese juniper
hoy helmet; bowl; basin
hoy river in Anhui province
hoy return, turn around; a time
hoy dark, unclear, obscure; night
hoy tapeworm
hoy fennel, aniseed
hoy tapeworm
hoy tease, joke with; ridicule, mock
hoy bribe; bribes; riches, wealth
hoy waters converging to one spot; whirling waters; to remit money
hoy koy to assemble, meet together; a meeting; an organization
hoy a concourse; to flow together, gather together; (same as 滙) to remit money
hoy teach, instruct; encourage, urge
hoy koy amputate, cut off
lyang hoy bridge; beam
hoy wash
hoy state in today's Henan province
hoy khway sly, cunning, crafty
hoy irrigation ditch, trench; river
hoy minced meat or fish
hoy kwal Chinese cypress, Chinese juniper
hoy draw, sketch, paint
koy hoy bad, spoil(ed), ruin, destroy
hoy bosom, breast; carry in bosom
hoy minced fish; hash