Korean Search: ko

ko end of spine; buttocks, sacrum
ko old, classic, ancient
ko knock, ask; kowtow, bow
ko examine, test; investigate
ko examine, test; investigate
ko kok tell, announce, inform; accuse
ko kok tell, announce, inform; accuse
ko merchant; estimate, guess, presume
ko buy and sell; inferior in quality
ko bright sun; brilliant; high
ko mumble, mutter, murmur; rumble
ko father's sister; husband's mother
ko orphan, fatherless; solitary
ko cut out, dig, rip up, scoop out
ko thighs, haunches, rump; share
ko to become solid, solidify; strength
ko wail, crying of child; swear at
kwu ko fault, defect; error, mistake
ko torture and interrogate; hit
ko dried out, withered, decayed
ko ancient, old; reason, because
ko cow; bull; ox
ko the high land along a river
ko a black ram
kwa ko pelvis; groin; thighs
ko lamb, kid
ko dried up; exhausted, tired; dry
ko variant of 高 , high, tall; lofty, elevated
ko mangrove
ko name of fief in Shantong bestowed on the eldest son of Wen Wang
ko high, tall; lofty, elevated
ko net; snare; pressure come or go
ko armory, treasury, storehouse
ko bitter; hardship, suffering
ko bulrush, Zizania latifolia
ko ho the high land along a river
ko to deal in spirits
ko pants; trousers; panties
ko crime, criminal offense
ko jug, winecup, goblet; square
ko exegesis, explanation; explain
ko ho employ, to hire
ka ko surname; merchant; buy, trade
ko surname; merchant; buy, trade
ko cobalt; household iron cobaltum
ko truly
ko drum; beat, top, strike
ko chronic disease
ko kyo strike, beat, pound, hammer; rap
ko ho daybreak; bright and brilliant
ko draft, manuscript
ko inform, notify, admonish, order
ko wither; withered, rotten, dead
ko testicle
ko wild rice; Zizania latifolia
ko hoop; bind, surround
ko grease, fat; paste, ointment
ko lean on, trust, depend on; near
ko skeleton
稿 ko draft, manuscript, rough copy
ko spar; well-sweep
ko species of Taiwan pigeon
ko pole used punt boat
ko cakes, pastry
ko run metal into cracks; confine
ko soar, roam
ko soar, roam
ko salt pit; leisure; pot; drink
ko blind; blind musician; stupid
ko quiver (case for arrows)
ko fish guts
ko mythical emperor; to inform quickly; an urgent communication
ko straw, hay; dry, withered
ko look back; look at; look after
ko poison; venom; harm; bewitch