Korean Search: kun

kun a catty (approximately 500 g); an axe; keen, shrewd; KangXi radical number 69
kun strong
kun (nuptial) winecups
kun near, close; approach; intimate
kung kun pity, feel sorry for, show sympat
kun catty
kun celery
kun root, base(d on); foundation
kun yellow loam; clay; season; few
kun muscles; tendons
kun only, merely, solely, just
kun industrious, diligent, attentive
kun heel; to follow, accompany; with
kun a hut; careful
kun strap on a horse's breast
kun a hut; careful
kun celery, aconite
kun to build with soil, plaster over with mud
kun brilliance of gems; fine jade
槿 kun hibiscus
kun courteous, cordial; zealous
kun have imperial audience
kun prudent, cautious; attentive
kun time of famine or crop failure