Korean Search: mi

mi not yet; 8th terrestrial branch
mi hulled or husked uncooked rice
mi bleat of sheep; surname
mi tail, extremity; end, stern
mi extensive, full; fill; complete
mi taste, smell, odor; delicacy
mi far
mi to soothe, to pacify; to settle, to establish
mi beautiful, pretty; pleasing
mi bleat of sheep; surname
mi stop, desist, end, quell
mi eyebrows; upper margin of book
mi sound of cat, cat's meow; meter; (Cant.) don't!
mi the bleating of sheep; (Cant.) an interrogative particle
mi bewitch, charm, infatuate
mi pacify, soothe, stabilize
mi comply; complying, agreeable
mi oar, shaft
mi charming, attractive; flatter
mi ripples
mi water's edge, shore, bank
mi Omei mountain in Sichuan
mi small, prefix micro-, trifling
mi beautiful
mi crossbeam above or under gate
mi elk; surname
mi rice gruel, congee; mashed
mi halter for ox; tie up, harness
mi riddle, conundrum; puzzle
mi extensive, full; fill; complete
mi Osmunda regalis, a species of fern
mi divide, disperse, scatter
mi overflow
mi macacus monkey
mi mwun progress; busy, untiring; exert
mi mold, mildew; bacteria, fungi