Korean Search: pay

payk pay white; pure, unblemished; bright
pay scratch; dig up; crawl; crouch
pi pay wife, spouse; imperial concubine
pay rotten, spoilt, bad, broken down
pay cup, glass
pay dam, embankment; weir
pay do obeisance, bow, kowtow
pay glass, cup
pay phay back; back side; behind; betray
pay embryo; unfinished things
pay match, pair; equal; blend
pay phay times, fold, multiple times
pay actor; vaudeville show; insincere
pay accompany, be with, keep company
pay pi morphine; coffee
pay not facing; desert
pay row, rank, line
pay walk back and forth, hesitate
pay pwu bank up with dirt; cultivate
pay dry over slow fire; bake; roast
pay necklace
phay pay signboard, placard
pay sound of waves; turbulent
pay surname; look of a flowing gown
pay indemnify, suffer loss
pay generation, lifetime; class
pay bud