Korean Search: phay

payk phay older brother; father's elder brother; senior male 'sire'; feudal rank 'count'
phay sea shell; money, currency
phay abundant, full, copious; sudden
pal phay uproot, pull out
phay comet
phay place in today's Henan province
pal phay uproot, pull out
pal phay move; dispel; distribute
phay belt ornament, pendant; wear at waist, tie to the belt; respect
phyey phay lungs
pay phay back; back side; behind; betray
phay pal be contradictory to, go counter
phay jade ornament
phay a legendary animal with short forelegs which rode a wolf
pay phay times, fold, multiple times
phay flag ornament; flags, banners
phay final particle of assertion pathaka
phay be defeated, decline, fail
phay pay signboard, placard
phay darnels, weeds, tares small
phay torrential rains, flow of water
phay payk rule by might rather than right
phay payk rule by might rather than right