Korean Search: pi

pi spoon, ladle; knife, dirk
pi to compare, liken; comparison; than
pi great, grand, glorious, distinguished
pi pay wife, spouse; imperial concubine
pi destroyed, ruined; to subvert to injure
pi separate, part company
pi pyel comment, criticize; wholesale
pi break wind; fart; buttocks
pi name of a river
pi one's deceased mother
pi cover, shield, shelter, protect
pi mighty
pwu pi not, no, negative; final particle
pi expression of reprimand
pi baboon
pi to give
pi fox-cub
pi loquat
phil pi to seep out, excrete
pi pwul boil, bubble up, gush
pi a department in the State of Lu; in what is now Shantung or N. China
pi not, negative, non-; oppose
pi to seep out, excrete
pi humble, low, inferior; despise
pi fat, plump, obese; fertile
pi help, assist; connect, adjoin
pi guard against, take care; caution
pi fly; go quickly; dart; high
pi help, assist; connect, adjoin
pi arsenic
pi empty grain or rice husk, chaff
pi mysterious, secret, abstruse
pi mussels; various shellfish
pi secret, mysterious, abstruse
pi empty husks of grain
pi flower; small; little; lush
pi spoiled silk; hem of dress
pi so that, in order that; cause
pi pwun bandits, robbers, gangsters
pi to prepare; to provide; to put in order; to complete perfection; completeness
pi to be desirous of speaking
pi a low-built house
pi servant girl; your servant
pi prepare, ready, perfect
pi add, increase, attach; low fence
pi a parapet on a city wall
pay pi morphine; coffee
pi name of an affluent of the Poyang Lake
pi dyspepsia, spleen infection
pi calf; avoid; be ill; wither
pi door panel
pi expenses, expenditures, fee
pi prepare, ready, perfect
pi sorrow, grief; sorry, sad
pi guitar-like instrument
pi graceful, elegant, beautiful
pi species of yew
pi oval
pi spleen, pancreas; disposition
pi hide, keep secret; hideaway
pi paralysis, numbness
pi stone tablet; gravestone
pi wooden ladder
pi look askance at, glare at
pi paralysis, numbness
pi type of yew
pi mean; low
pi kingfisher; emerald, jade
pi cockroach
pi nose; first; KangXi radical 209
pi aid, benefit, help; supplement
pi fragrant, luxuriant; the Philippines
pi scarlet, dark red, crimson; purpl
pi the castor-oil plant also used for other plants
pi slander, vilify, condemn
pi falling of snow and rain
pi castor-oil plant, Ricinus commumis
pi tired, weary, fatigued
pi fine-toothed comb; comb hair
pi arm
pi fox, leopard, panther
pi to pant; wife; (Cant.) particle indicating doubt
pi phyey buttocks; thigh, thigh bone
pi horse; run
pi herring
pi brown bear, ursus arctos
pi saddle up horse; drive horse
pi mound, lump; stealthily
pi metaphor, simile, example
pi drum carried on horseback
pi strong
pi bridle of horse, reins