Korean Search: pwu

pwu place; KangXi radical 170
pwu man, male adult, husband; those
pwu pwul no, not; un-; negative prefix
pwu po father; KangXi radical 88
pwu fall forward; lie prostrate, prone; servant
pwu give, deliver, pay, hand over; entrust
pok pwu pwuk crouch, crawl, lie hidden, conceal
pwu earthen crock or jar; rad. 121
pwu brood over eggs; have confidence
pwu support, help; protect; hold on
pwu take or hold up in both hands
pwu pi not, no, negative; final particle
pwu prefecture; prefect; government
pwu mound; abundant, ample, numerous
pwu slap; pat; tap; handle of a vessel
pwu instruct, order
pwu axe, hatchet; chop, hew
pwu adhere to, append; rely on near to
pwu an inferior agate
pwu screen used in ancient times
pwu study
pwu obituary; give notice of death
pwu prisoner of war; take as prisoner
pwu load, burden; carry, bear
pwu go to; attend, be present
pwu a kind of water-beetle cash, then dollars and money generally
pwu bow down, face down, look down
pwu to float, drift, waft; to exceed; superfluous
pwu cauldron, pot, kettle
pwu medicinal plant
pwu worship one's ancestors; entomb
pwu hibiscus
pwu split in two, slice; dissect
pwu sit cross-legged; back of the foo
pwu to state to, to announce
pwu i.d. tag, tally, symbol, charm
pwu kind of herb; type of grass
pwu part, division, section
pwu married women; woman; wife
pwu abundant, ample; rich, wealthy
pwu to extract; injure
pwu follow
pwu pok assist; supplement; assistant
pwu port city
pay pwu bank up with dirt; cultivate
pwu raft; drum stick; ridge pole
pwu river in Sichuan province
pwu the instep
pwu abundant, ample; rich, wealthy
pwu an ax; a hatchet
pok pwu return; repeat; repeatedly
pwu return; repeat; repeatedly
pwu tutor, teacher; assist; surname
pwu bowels, entrails, internal organs
pwu net
po pwu report, tell, announce
pwu wild duck, teal; swim
pwu wild duck, teal; swim
pwu pak big, great, vast, wide; widespread
pwu a sampan, lighter, barge
pwu phyo membrane lining inside of reed
pwu mayfly; kind of large insect
pwu collect, gather, assemble; praise
pwu sit on eggs, hatch
pwu rot, decay, spoil; rotten
pwu spread, diffuse; apply, paint
pwu bow; nod; condescend
pwu bran
pwu skin; superficial, shallow
pwu extra horse; imperial son-in-law
pwu tax; give; endow; army; diffuse
pwu pok to stumble and fall prone stiff in death
pok pwu repeat, double, overlap
pwu carp, carassicus auratus
pwu screen
pwu gift of money help pay funeral
pok pwu cover; tip over; return; reply
簿 pwu pak register, account book, notebook