Korean Search: sang

sang above
sang top; superior, highest; go up, send up
cang sang form; appearance; shape; official
hyang sang toward, direction, trend
sang bed, couch; framework, chassis
sang still, yet; even; fairly, rather
sang bed, couch; bench; chassis
sang still, yet; even; fairly, rather
sang cang form; appearance; shape; official
sang mountain pass; crisis, climax
sang mutual, reciprocal, each other
sang village school; teach
sang make sound, make noise; sound
sang noon, midday; moment; unit land measurement equal to seven mou ( 畝), or the area that can be sown in one day
sang mulberry tree; surname
sang happy, cheerful; refreshing
sang common, normal, frequent, regular
sang good luck
sang walking and fro; lingering
sang good luck, good omen; happiness
sang commerce, business, trade
thang sang hot water; soup, gravy, broth
sang Hunan province
sang elephant; ivory; figure, image
sang soar, glide, hover; detailed
sang side-room, wing; theatre box
sang mourning; mourn; funeral
sang yang detailed, complete, thorough
sang think, speculate, plan, consider
sang voice; throat
sang wound, injury; fall ill from
sang taste; experience, experiment
sang plateau
sang a picture, image, figure; to resemble
sang clothes; skirt; beautiful
sang taste; experience, experiment
sang reward, grant, bestow; appreciate
sang light-yellow color
sang case, box, chest, trunk
sang die young; national mourning
yang sang shape, form, pattern, style
sang chestnut oak; rubber tree; rubber
sang repay, recompense; restitution
sang frost; crystallized; candied
sang dried fish
sang wine vessel; propose toast; feast
sang the forehead; to kowtow
sang widow