Korean Search: sey

sey generation; world; era
sey same as δΈ– , generation; world; era
sey sen wash, rinse; clean, purify
sey sprinkle; scatter; pour; to wipe away; to shiver
sey handkerchief, kerchief, shawl
sey small bamboo
sey fine, tiny; slender, thin
hyey sey broomstick; comet
sey borrow; pardon; loan
sey thal taxes
sey thal taxes, revenue, duty; tax
sey power, force; tendency
sey molt
sey molt, exuviate, shed
sey year; age; harvest
sey year; age; harvest
sel sey yel speak, say, talk; scold, upbraid
sel sey yel speak
sey speak, say, talk; scold, upbraid
sey fine cloth