Korean Search: si

si corpse; to impersonate the dead; to preside; KangXi radical 44
si arrow, dart; vow, swear
si market, fair; city, town; trade
si ki show, manifest; demonstrate
si the beginning; to start, to begin, to be the first
sa si court, office; temple, monastery
si a pig, boar; KangXi radical 152
si begin, start; then, only then
使 sa si cause, send on a mission, order; envoy, messenger, ambassador
si serve, attend upon; attendant, servant; samurai
si a female rhinoceros
si persimmon
si i grant, bestow; give; act; name
si indeed, yes, right; to be; demonstrative pronoun, this, that
ha si var of 'to be', 'summer'; name
si male nettle-hemp
si persimmon
si persimmon
si chay firewood, faggots, fuel
si rely on, presume on, trust to
si excrement, dung
si corpse, carcass
si wings; fin
si wolf; cruel, wicked, mean
si time, season; era, age, period
si talented; urgent
si spoon; surname
si guess, conjecture, suppose; feel
si fermented beans
si look at, inspect, observe, see
si only, merely; just like; stop at
si husband's family
cey si hold in hand; lift in hand
si to kill one's superior
si harvest
si poetry; poem, verse, ode
si test, try, experiment
si to kill one's superior
si roost
i si sweet-meats; sweet-cakes; syrup
cey si happiness; peace; good fortune
si servant; to make a disturbance
si servant
si coarse cotton cloth used for mourning
si neighing of a horse; gravel voiced, husky throated; (Cant.) to hiccough
si to exhaust; to drain dry
si to examine; to consider; honest
si posthumous name, posthumous title
si milfoil, plant used in divination
si transplant; plant; dill, Anethum graveolens
si spoon, key
si lower part of face; jaw; gills of a fish
si reeves' shad; hilsa herring
si strain