Korean Search: swu

swu water, liquid, lot5on, juice
swu hand
swu prisoner, convict; confine
swu gather together, collect; harvest
swu defend borders, guard frontiers
swu defend, protect, guard, conserve
寿 swu old age, long life; lifespan
swu ear of grain; flowering, luxuriant; refined, elegant, graceful
swu let down; suspend, hand; down
swu mountain peak; cave, cavern
swu receive, accept, get; bear, stand
swu mountain peak; cave, cavern
swu winter hunting; imperial tour
swu name of a river in Shandong
swu head; first; leader, chief; a poem
sol swu commander, commander-in-chief
swu different, special, unusual
swu study; repair; cultivate
swu evil spirit; evil influence
swu old man; elder
swu frontier, border
swu sleeve; put something in sleeve
swu dried meat (used as teachers payment in ancient times)
swu coarse variety of jasper or jade
宿 swuk swu stop, rest, lodge, stay overnight; constellation
swu disgrace, shame; ashamed; shy
swu sell
swu give to, transmit; confer
swi swu first birthday of a child
swu must, have to, necessary; moment; whiskers
swu Sui dynasty; surname
swu follow, listen to, submit to
swu dogwood
swu anxiety; to worry about, be anxious
swu perpendicular, vertical; erect
swu conceal, hide; search for, seek
swu sister-in-law, elder brother's wife
yu swu soothe, appease, pacify; carriage harness
swu comply with, follow along; thereupon
swu toast; reward, recompense
swu gaze at, stare at; uninhibited
swu chok number; several, count; fate
swu search, seek; investigate
swu urinate; soak, drench
swu sleep, doze
swu clear-eyed
swu cough, gargle, clear throat
swu old age, long life; lifespan
swu beans and peas, collectively
swu gargle, rinse; wash, scour
swu unit of weight, one twenty-fourth of a Chinese ounce (liang)
swu to become emaciated
swu need, require, must
swu silk ribbon attached as a seal
swu pure; unadulterated; select
swu who? whom? whose? anyone?
swu sway sin cwul speak ill of, vilify; berate; interrogate
swu sak number; several; count; fate
swu thin, emaciated, lean; meager
swu gay; deep
swu rust, corrode
swu beast, animal; bestial
swu blind; no pupil in the eye
swu vertical; perpendicular; upright
swu transport, carry, haul
swu tree; plant; set up, establish
swu tunnel, underground passageway, path to a tomb
swu co oxalic (used in compounds)
swu collect, gather, assemble; seek; spring hunt; assemble for war
swu follow, listen to, submit; to accompany; subsequently, then
swu pendant girdle ornament
swu although, even if
swu embroider; embroidery; ornament
swu flintstone; beacon, signal fire; torch
swu ear of grain; tassel; Guangzhou
swu profound, detailed; deep
swu embroider; embroidery; ornament
swu beast, animal; bestial
swu sound of wind; blow chilly
swu food, meal; eat; offer
swu rust, corrode
swu bamboo basket
swu marsh, swamp; wild country; clump of trees or bushes
swu beard, whiskers; whisker-like
swu enemy, rival, opponent
swu bone marrow; essences, substances
swu enemy, rival, opponent