Korean Search: swun

swun ten-day period; period of time
swun patrol, go on circuit, cruise
swun fast
swun the gizzard of a fowl; honest, sincere
swun a cord
swun ton shield; dutch guilder; Indonesia
swun to doze; to nap; to nod
swun follow
swun hyen true, real, truly, really
swun comply with, follow; display
swun ranges of hills stretching on beyond another irregular peaks
swun cwun careful, sincere, honest; trust
swun cwun pure, clean, simple
swun bamboo shoots
swun name of a kind of jade
swun cross bar
swun die for cause, be martyr for
swun lips
swun dazzled
swun honest, simple, unsophisticated; cyanogen; ethane dinitrile
swun surname; ancient state; plant
swun bamboo shoot; joint; tendon
swun obey, submit to, go along with
swun obey, comply with, follow
swun legendary ruler
swun hwun tame, docile, obedient
swun shield; horizontal bar
swun inquire into, ask about; consult
swun patient, earnest; earnestly
swun rich, good as wine; pure, unmixed
swun hibiscus; transient
swun tay instrument
駿 cwun swun excellent horse, noble steed
swun edible water plant, bracenia
swun wink, blink; in a wink, a flash
swun hibiscus
swun quail; Turnix species (various)