Korean Search: ye

ye woman, girl; feminine; rad. 38
ye and; with; to; for; give, grant
ye I, me; to give
ye handsome
ye if, supposing; as if; like, as
ye you
ye surname; a musical note
ye I, my, me; surname; surplus
ye carry on one's shoulder
ye trip, journey; travel; traveler
se ye waste cotton, raw silk or cotton
ye roots; vegetables; eat; bear
ye a despatch boat
ye and; with; to; for; give, grant
ye village of twenty-five families
ye surname; numerous, many; black
lok ye copy, write down, record
lok ye copy
ye surplus, excess, remainder
勵 ye strive; encourage
輿 ye cart, palanquin; public opinion
ye a final particle used to express admiration, doubt, surprise, or to mark a question
ye strain out, filter
ye beautiful jade
ye hut, cottage; name of a mountain
ye beautiful, magnificent, elegant
ye whetstone; sharpen
ye envy; hate, dislike; resentment
lo ye rushes, reeds
ye a pure black horse; a pair of horses