Mandarin Search: ang2

áng yǎng lofty; high; raise; high-priced
yǎng yàng áng raise the head to look; look up to, rely on, admire
áng rise, raise; proud, bold; upright
áng rise
áng to lift up the eyes and look around
áng yìng sweet flag; the calamus; its leaves are hung on the door lintels on the 5th of the5th lunar month, to avert evil influences
㭿 áng oblique angle, a post to tie cattle and horses to
áng clogs; pattens, (same as šíČ) hard; strong; sturdy; firm
áng movement of a horse, a horse with enormous speed and staying power, a horse with white abdominal region
áng a horse to raise its head high, (same as 񄭹) movement of a horse, an angry horse, a scared horse