Mandarin Search: ao2

𦪈 áo (Cant.) to kneel
áo durable and solid leather
áo ào ramble, play about; leisurely; surname
áo ào wild horse, mustang; wild
áo granary
áo name of a place in Shandong Province, mountain with lots of small rocks
áo mastiff, large fierce dog
áo a granary
áo same as 嗷 , noisy
áo loud clamor; sound of wailing
áo name of a place, lofty; steep, mountain with lots of small rocks
áo ramble, roam; travel for pleasure
áo ancient musical instrument
áo āo cook down, to boil; endure
áo to rattle; to shake. to smite
áo soar, roam
áo nippers
áo ào gizzard, to store up meat, the five lowest pieces of bone of the spinal column
qiāo qiǎo qiào áo barren land; sandy soil
áo yóu bent and twisted; too complicated
xiāo áo be noisy; treat with contempt
áo ào slander; to revile; huge; big
áo soar, roam
áo huge sea turtle
áo biāo to fight to the end, engage in a fierce battle
áo ào a flat, iron cooking-plate for cakes
áo to grow; to increase or advance, to become
ào áo yào wild horse, mustang; wild
áo (standard form of 鏖) desperate fighting; to fight hard, (a stove) for keeping warm; to stew something until it's tender
áo huge sea turtle
áo a bird of ill-omen to the state
áo (same as 熬) to extract by applying heat, to cook; to stew or simmer
áo huge sea turtle