Mandarin Search: ban3

bǎn hillside farmland; slope
bǎn hillside, inconvenient places
bǎn printing blocks; edition
bǎn plank, board; iron or tin plate
bǎn big
bǎn blocks for printing, supporting boards used in building walls
bǎn plate
bǎn a sampan
bān pán bǎn sort, manner, kind, category
bǎn (same as 粄) rice cake; cake made of glutinous rice
bǎn plate
bǎn cakes made of rice flour
fǎn bǎn sole or flounder
bǎn nóng wàn fierce dog with long shaggy hair, an old -time name for ta part of Miao people (in southwestern China)
bǎn boss, the owner, person in charge
bǎn pán (same as 搫) to move; to transport, to collect; to gather; to make a clean sweep of