Mandarin Search: bang3

fǎng bǎng spin, reel, weave; reeled pongee
bǎng péng great strength; great power
bǎng bind, tie, fasten
fǎng bǎng fàng spin, reel, weave; reeled pongee
péng bēng bàng bǎng to propel a boat; to beat
bǎng péng (non-classical form of 榜) publicly posted roll of successful examinees
bǎng bind, tie, fasten
bǎng bàng bēng páng placard; list of successful exam candidates
bǎng bàng pāng páng pǎng upper arm; shoulder; wing
bǎng bèi pèi walk slowly because of the wrong position of the feet, (same as 狽) a kind of wolf with shorter forelegs, lame; crippled
bǎng tablet; public notice; register
bǎng thick, rough serge from Tibet
páng bǎng crab
páng bǎng the pelvis, the hip-bone; the humerus; a wing