Mandarin Search: ben4

hāng bèn heavy load, burden; lift up
bèn dust, earth; a bank of earth; to dig; to bring together
bèn body; group, class, body, unit; inferior
bèn stupid; foolish; unwise; unintelligent
bēn bèn run fast, flee; rush about; run
bèn to fumble things over, mix up; (Cant.) to swing, fling; to flick off, throw off; to jerk
bèn foolish, stupid, dull; awkward
bèn bēn to run quickly
bèn wooden stick or bamboo cane (shaped segment of a circle) used to support the covering of a carriage in ancient times
bèn coarse grains such as corn, millet, etc.; simple food
bèn fèn to die, to open, as an ulcer or sore
bèn vehicle