Mandarin Search: bi3

spoon, ladle; knife, dirk
to compare, liken; comparison; than
ripped; split
spoiled silk; hem of dress; mista
head sores
name of a river
one's deceased mother
féi fat, plump, obese; fertile
that, there, those
(same as 胚) an embryo; a foetus a month old
empty grain or rice husk, chaff
a kind of wine
meat, rough; cracked skin
to offer small pig as sacrifice when warship god of life
mussels; various shellfish
chǐ spoiled silk; hem of dress
empty husks of grain
writing brush; write; stroke
so that, in order that; cause
the sleeve
bēi a low-built house
writing brush; write; stroke
(interchangeable 捭) to ruin; to destroy; to break down, sound of beating or striking
bíe in ancient times; to separated (to rip of; to cut open) the contract or agreement on slips of bamboo and give to both parties as evidence
mean; low
ba bǎi cease, finish, stop; give up
bell shaped with large base, (ancient form of 髀) buttocks, hipbone; innominate bone; (Cant.) to stagger
a jade tube with white and nature colors, jade with the colour of nature (green; blue; black), sapphire
bǐng sheath