Mandarin Search: bu4

jíe seal; KangXi radical 26
fǒu fōu no, not; un-; negative prefix
cotton cloth, textiles, linen
step, pace; walk, stroll
spread, publicize, announce
pǒu adhere to, append; rely on near to
terror, fear; frighten; terrified
name of a place; in Fujian Province
a place in ancient times
a pretty girl; a beauty; a belle, handsome; female beauty
make progress
(same as 埠) a wharf, dock, jetty; a trading center, port; place name (e.g., 深水埗 in Hong Kong)
plain, arena; port, market
pǒu part, division, section
port city
fine jade
meat pulp; mashed meat cooked with soybean sauce, last name
(said of illness) relapse; to relapse (a dialect) relapse of typhoid fever (typhus)
pǒu jar, pot
big, great, vast, wide; widespread
(same as 餔) to feed; to eat, (interchangeable 晡) time for supper, sunset
small boat
(same as 瓿) a jar; a pot
bèi herb, aromatic plant
pǒu screen
a bamboo basket
fǒu wind; light breezes
báo thin, slight, weak; poor, stingy
簿 register, account book, notebook
cǎi chàn cakes; cookies; biscuits; pastries; dumplings
diào pǒu a kind of small birds, a kind of bird
bèi bài saddle up horse; drive horse
chuài salt, soybean sauce; soy