Mandarin Search: chi2

chí shǐ loosen, relax, unstring a bow
chí go quickly or swiftly; hurry
chí túo chè pool, pond; moat; cistern
chí name of a mountain, (non-classical form of 岷) the Min River (in Sichuan), Mt.Min (in Sichuan), name of a county (in old China)
chí zhí late, tardy; slow; delay
chí variant of 低 , low; to lower, hang, bend, bow
zhì chí govern, regulate, administer
chí zhī zhì a river in Hebei province
chí an islet, a rock in a river; an embankment; to stop
túo dùo chí rivers, streams, waterways; flow
chí (same as 弛) to unstring a bow; to relax; to neglect
chí flute
chí sustain, support; hold, grasp
chí zhī zhǐ the spirit of the earth; (used for 只) only, merely, but
chí celery
shé túo chí snake
chí ant eggs
赿 chí late slow; dilatory; tardy to delay; dull; stupid
chí shi spoon; surname
chí chǐ (same as 誃 謻) to separate from; to leave or depart; to break away, (same as 詑) to cheat; to swindle
chè chí (same as 匙) a spoon, a key
chí ancient music; Chinese classical music
chí chá harvest
chí tái (ancient and corrupted form of 臺) a lookout, a tower, a terrace, a platform, a stage
chǐ chí part
chí (same as 匙) a spoon, (same as 椸) (a dialect) a small table in front of the bed, a rack for clothes; a clothes-horse
chí white jasmine
chí go quickly or swiftly; hurry
chí late, tardy; slow; delay
chí ancient woodwind instrument
chí porch; courtyard; steps leading
chí cúo zhàn dried and seasoned meat, sound of the abdomen
chí zhì late, tardy; slow; delay
chí to wound the skin; to cut open; to open out, ripped
chí shi the metal tongue in the reed instruments, (interchangeable 匙) key, bamboo ware, (same as ) a clasp; a hair-pin with flat spoon-shaped ends, (same as 椸) a clothes-horse; a rack for clothes
chí hesitate, undecided; embarrassed
chí a bamboo flute with seven holes
chí (same as 馳) to go swiftly; to fleet; to rush; to speed
chí zhì paw
chí zhì zhí late, tardy; slow; delay
chí chǐ shake and wave of the grass
chí shí spoon, key
chí clothes
chí frivolous; contemptuous, to despise; to speak ill of
chí (same as 謘) slow on talking; incapable; obtuse; awkward
chí mín prominent gums (of the teeth)
chí shǐ (same as 箎) a bamboo flute with seven holes
chí a pure black horse; a pair of horses