Mandarin Search: chong2

chóng hǔi insects, worms; KangXi radical 142
chóng (corrupted form of 虫 蟲) insects; worms
zhòng chóng tóng heavy, weighty; double
zhǒng chóng zhòng seed; race, breed; to plant
chōng chóng fly upward
chóng esteem, honor, revere, venerate
chóng jǐan cocoon; callus, blister
tóng dòng chóng ketones
chóng a kind of farm tool; iron spade; spade
zhǒng zhòng chóng seed; race; offspring; to plant
chóng zhòu to tow a boat against the current in swift stream from the bank; to track a boat in the shallow area
chóng worms; insects
chóng chǒng a kind of bird, small bird flying, a general name of small birds
chóng straight; right; just, straight-forward, uninterrupted