Mandarin Search: cuo4

cùo formerly; ancient; in beginning
cùo cut, file, trim; file
cùo push down; chop down; grind
cùo cut or engrave; a grave or tombstone
cùo (Cant.) to jerk
cùo place; collect, arrange; employ
cùo carpenter's file, file smooth
cùo to chop straw fine for animals
cùo error, blunder, mistake; wrong
cùo sǔn soup made of cutted meat mixed with blood
cūi cùo destroy, break, injure
cùo zùo (same as 蓌) to squat; to crouch, setback; defeat; failure; not doing well; disappointed; very discouraged; frustrated
cùo carpenter's file, file smooth
cùo pretend; crouch
cùo error, blunder, mistake, wrong
cùo qùe shark
cùo (same as 錯) wrong; mistake; error; a fault, a blunder, to mistake, to be confused
cùo to chew
cúo cùo zhěn to grind barley
cùo to bite