Mandarin Search: di2

tribe from northern china; surnam
to walk in an easy and leisurely manner, (same as 宙) time--past, present and future, infinite time; time without beginning or end; eternity
de possessive, adjectival suffix
enlighten, advance; progress
purchase grains; store grain
enlighten, advance; progress
wash, cleanse, purify; sweep
enemy, foe, rival; resist
bamboo flute; whistle
to stalk; the stem; the foot; the base
zhú zhòu tún chase, expel; one by one
see; interview; be admitted to audience
reed, Miscanthus saccariflorus
diào yóu Avena nuda; a bamboo basket
zhái surname; a kind of pheasant; plumes
legal wife, child of legal wife
wash, cleanse, purify; sweep
yóu flow
good and beautiful
shì zhé match, comfortable; just
bull; bullock; ox (castrated)
uneasiness, nervousness; level
enemy, foe, rival; resist
(same as 籴 糴) to lay in grain; to buy grain
bamboo flute; whistle
dàn gào tán (same as 霮) a passing cloud; floating clouds, densely covered by clouds; gathering clouds
rain, to rain
chí shí spoon, key
rushes used form making mats, face decorations (for women), to ornament on the face of a woman
a coiffure with a topknot; a wig
a pig's hoof; to go, to send
zhí hoof; a falter; to hesitate
dysprosium; the barb of an arrow; the head of a javelin
(same as 樀) eaves of a house; brim, part of a loom, the cross beams on the frame on which silkworms spin, a bookcase, to abandon or give up
zhé zhè name of a variety of grain
one of the 36 gardens in Han Dynasty, (same as 馰) horse with white forehead; fine horse
覿 see; interview; be admitted to audience
purchase grains; store grain
salty; briny; salted