Mandarin Search: fu2

man, male adult, husband; those
巿 revolve, make circuit, turn
shake off, brush away; dust
not, negative
wild duck, teal; swim
crouch, crawl, lie hidden, conceal
brood over eggs; have confidence
support, help; protect; hold on
Buddha; of Buddhism; merciful person; Buddhist image; the dead (Jap.)
(baby talk) body waste, (a dialect) weight measurement
shake off, brush away; dust
quiet, silent; in good health
sorry, anxious; depressed
彿 resembling, like, as if
a multicolored prop used in dancing
clothes; wear, dress
fèi boil, bubble up, gush
great; big; vast, (same as 弼) to aid; to assist; as in the government, (interchangeable 佛) Buddha
a raft
large rope; rope attached to bier
ribbon or cord used attach ornaments
to concede or submit willingly
the sun
screen used in ancient times
prisoner of war; take as prisoner
broken; to break, ruined, reason; cause; right, principle; theory, to arrange; to repair, to regulate; to operate; to govern
gǔi name of a mountain (of warship), (same as 禔) happiness; good fortune; good luck; blessing, (same as standard form 祓) to exorcise; to remove evil; to cleanse; to clean; to wash away
a leather knee-pad worn during sacrifices
to fill; a foll of cloth
whirlpool, undercurrent
bāo drumstick
fèi flower; small; little; lush
fèi exorcise, remove evil; clean
fǒu fóu medicinal plant
to float, drift, waft; to exceed; superfluous
(corrupted form of 袚) greaves, knee-pads, buskins, dress; clothes of minority group in ancient times, children's garments, a mat for wrapping garment, (same as 帗)(in ancient China) a multicolored prop used in dancing rituals
outer walls of city; suburbs
name of a mountain
a kind of water-beetle cash, then dollars and money generally
hài xìe (same as 罦) a kind of net equipted with tricky machine used to catch birds and beasts, a covering for a cart
póu river in Sichuan province
a short, deep and small boat
kind of herb; type of grass
i.d. tag, tally, symbol, charm
ribbon or cord used attach ornaments
fèi large rope; rope attached to bier
pèi the countenance changing
fall prostrate; crawl
overgrown with grass, weedy
raft; drum stick; ridge pole
the linch-pin of a sheel
greave; knee-pads; buskins
piece, strip, breadth of, hem
bèi to harness a horse a board in front of a carriage for the driver to lean on
china root; medicinal fungus
a piece of cloth used wrap bundles
to walk, to jump; to leap; to bounce; to spring
piǎo membrane lining inside of reed
a sampan, lighter, barge
(same as 婆) an older woman, mother of one's husband, one's grandmother
to tie
spokes of wheel
wild duck, teal; swim
wild duck, teal; swim
a storm
(same as 匐) to crawl on hands and knees, to fall in ruins; to slip down
mayfly; kind of large insect
a leather knee-pad worn during sacrifices
fèng a napkin, kerchief, a headgear; articles for dressing the hair, a calligrapher's or painter's signature, seal, dedicatory notes, etc. on a painting, etc.
happiness, good fortune, blessing
(same as 瓿) a jar; a pot
bèi fàn fèi (abbreviated form 癈) incurable disease
excessive rain and snow
kind of bat
fèi disheveled hair; similar to
(simplified form) (same as 幅)the breadth of cloth or paper; a piece (of cloth)
to cover; to put a cover over something, name of a mountain
(same as 幅) breadth of material (cloth or paper, etc.)
to tie
póu péi berkelium
spokes of wheel
short and deep boat
special pattern of embroidery
(variant of 葍) name of a variety of grass; perennial; creeping plants
hood or cowl
sound of drums, loud noise of the military drums, (same as 拊) to pat; to touch with hand lightly or tenderly, to slap; to tap; to clap hands
owl-like bird; buzzard; Otus scops
jewelry; ornaments; trinkets (for the forehead of a woman)
leather wrapped collar for a draft animal of a carriage, bags used on a carriage; (same as 䪔) undergarments
bèi bài saddle up horse; drive horse
(non-classical form) name of a variety of grass (corrupted form of 葍) perennial; creeping plants
to clean the withered; dried and decayed leaves of the bottom part of millets, grains, beans or peas, a variety of millet, beans and peas collectively, to paste up, to attach to, to stick up; to glue
báo the neck of a pestle; the neck part of a baton used to pound clothes in washing