Mandarin Search: fu3

father; KangXi radical 88
tiào to chew; to masticate, to dwell on, Chinese medicine term
unclear; an expletive
pat, console, comfort; pacify
begin; man, father; great; a distance of ten li
(same as 弣) the middle part of a bow; the handle of a bow, try to dig and get something with a knife
prefecture; prefect; government
slap; pat; tap; handle of a vessel
Korean place name Pholha
axe, hatchet; chop, hew
calyx of flower; railing raft
mǐan make effort, endeavor; to lower the head
cauldron, pot, kettle
bow down, face down, look down
cauldron, pot, kettle
to be exiled; delay payment for
press down heavily with hands
the linch-pin of a sheel
cheek bone; protective; assist
dried meat; preserved fruits
bowels, entrails, internal organs
an ax; a hatchet
a basket, square outside and round inside, used to hold boiled grain in State worship
a kind of legendary tree
cheek bone; protective; assist
to set in order the old, raw, coarse, waste silk or cotton
a kind of insect; golden beetle
molecular formula (C18H12), to brush
rot, decay, spoil; rotten
tiào bow; nod; condescend
pat, console, comfort; pacify
unclear; an expletive; not
the face, the cheeks; the jaw
(corrupted form of 頫) (interchangeable 俯) to bow one's head; chin down, to wash oneself, to view; to watch
the skate or ray
an ancient vessel used for holding boiled grain
the left over of drawing silk (from cocoons), silk, to arrange raw, coarse, old, waste cotton or silk
póu fine hair; beautiful hair, short hair, a coiffure with a topknot
(same as 馥) fragrance; aroma
diào pǒu a kind of small birds, a kind of bird
embroidered official or sacrificial robe