Mandarin Search: gan3

hàn gǎn ward off, withstand, resist
gān gǎn pole; shaft of spear
gǎn straw; stalk of grain
gǎn smooth out the clothes
竿 gān gàn gǎn bamboo pole; penis
gǎn qían pursue, follow; expel, drive away
gǎn pole; stick; club; pole as unit
gǎn name of a variety of bamboo; sweet bamboo, large bamboo
gǎn jìan yán big and strong sheep, a ewe or she-goat, kind of dog, a dog barking loudly
gǎn stalk of grain; straw
gǎn to dare, venture; bold, brave
gǎn feel, perceive, emotion
gǎn pursue, follow; expel, drive away
gǎn hàn to wash name of a place
gǎn (same as 皯) black, black moles or black birthmarks on the face
gǎn hàn roll flat
gǎn olive
gǎn gòng nǒu lush growth of grass, trees and fruits
gǎn a stone box; a stone case, to cover with a piece of stone, (interchangeable 撼) to shake; to rock
gǎn gàn gòng Jiangxi province
gǎn gàn gòng the River Gan in Jiangxi