Mandarin Search: guan3

gǔan (same as 脘) the stomach; gizzard (of birds and fowls)
wǎn gǔan hùan to wash, to rinse
gǔan public building
gǔan wǎn hùan internal cavity of stomach
gǔan a jade tube used as an instrument
gǔan (interchangeable 管) a mechanical device for lead ore, (non-classical form of 閌) high; tall and big; lofty (said of the door)
gūan gǔan wǎn smiling; a kind of aquatic herb, clubrush, Scirpus lacustris
gǔan sick
gǔan a key; to be in charge; a pipe
gǔan revolve, rotate, turn
gǔan wěi a kind of insect, ant
gǔan pipe, tube, duct; woodwind music
gǔan legs of the trousers, a second name for the trousers, fur pants
hǔan hùan hàn wǎn gǔan cleanse, wash
gǔan a mansion; a building
gǔan public building
gǔan public building
gǔan known together as saddle; rein and bridle, etc.
gǔan rǔan (same as 䩪) saddle; rein and bridle
gǔan kàng wéi a kind of fish; with a long cylinder body