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chǎng hàn ān factory, workshop; radical 27
hàn Chinese people; Chinese language
hàn gǎn ward off, withstand, resist
hàn village
hàn to defend; to ward off; to refuse; to reject; to oppose, a frontier pass (in Wuxian) in ancient times, a county in ancient times
hàn hán gān perspiration, sweat
gàn hàn sunset, dusk; evening
hàn drought; dry; dry land
féng hàn milk; breasts, the young of animals, birds
hán hàn city in Hebei province; various
hàn xìe illness; disease
gān hàn water from washing rice to boil thick, as gruel
hǎn hàn rare, scarce; surname
hǎn hàn (standard form 罕) a net or snare, a flag, rare; strange; scarce; few, name of a place in ancient times
hàn courageous, brave; violent
hān hán hàn a sound; to put in the mouth; (Cant.) to grunt, grumble
hàn ward off, guard against, defend
àn hàn prison; a kind of wild dog
hàn village
hàn gān solder
hàn Anhui province
hàn (same as 捍) to resist; to oppose; to obstruct, to defend; to guard; to ward off, (same as ) to thump; to beat; to strike; to attack
hàn the magpie, jackdaw; jay and similar birds
hán hàn soak, wet; tolerate, be lenient
hàn weld, solder
hán hàn gems of pearls formerly put into the mouth of a corpse
hàn medicine for a sore; a boil (injure by a sword or a knief)
hān hàn enjoy intoxicants
hàn jíe zhǎ (same as 嫉) envy; jealousy, to hate
hàn mouth; jaw
hàn big-eyed
hàn lǐan xìan the unsatisfaction of hunger requires meat, to cook the meat
hàn to shake; to rock; to jolt; to joggle
hàn surname
hàn a bud
hàn chin, jowl; give nod
hàn qìa (same as 漢) name of a dynasty, belonging to China, the Milky Way the Han River, (interchangeable 域) a frontier; a boundary; a region; a country, to live; to stay
hàn tān the Chinese people, Chinese language
hǎn hàn loquacity, boasting; hyperbole, to talk harshly; to shout angrily
hàn dangerous; lofty; steep; high and dangerous
hàn buds, lotus buds
hàn hǔan big eyes (same as 睅) protuberant eyes, goggle-eye
hàn long hair; mane
hàn solder, weld; leg armor, greaves
hàn by fire
hàn nìe xíe xín used in girl's name
hàn hán qīn mouth; jaw
gǎn hàn to wash name of a place
hàn dry by exposing sun
hàn move, shake; (Cant.) to fight
hàn to regret, remorse; dissatisfied
hàn writing brush, pen, pencil
hàn chin, jowl; give nod
hǔan hùan hàn wǎn gǔan cleanse, wash
gǎn hàn roll flat
hǎn hàn (corrupted form of 熯) dry; freely burning; to burn; to roast (dialect) to dry or heat near a fire; consume by fire, to expose to sunlight (same as 焊) to weld; to join with solder, respectful; reverent; deferential
hàn to rage, run wild
hàn winter ploughing, to plough a dry farmland (upland), to till; to plough
hàn jǐn fine woven pattern
hǎn hàn (simplified form) the roars of a tiger
hàn a white pheasant
hàn vast, wide, extensive
hán hàn long-hair horse
tān hàn nàn bank, a sandbar, shoal; rapids
hàn kǎn thin and sickly in appearance; emaciated look, to move one's head
hàn name of a variety of grass