Mandarin Search: he2

grain still on stalk; rice plant
inferior silk; tassel, fringe
jíe resolute; a non-Han ethnic group in Guangxi, Hunan, and Guizhou
combine, unite, join; gather
what, why, where, which, how
examine into, impeach, charge
hùo húo harmony; peace; conciliation; to be on good terms with; kindly; mild
river; stream; yellow river
hùo húo harmony, peace; peaceful, calm
why? what? where?
gāi blocked or separated; to prevent
qìa xía to blend with, be in harmony; to penetrate; to cover; a river in Shenxi
animal name
why not? would it not be better to?
jíe inferior silk; tassel, fringe
xía county in Shanxi province
(same as 鞨) to make ready the leather for shoes
(ancient form 合) to combine; to unite; to gather, to close; to shut
a scabbard; a sheath; a case for sword, a tree like the acacia
seed, kernel, core, nut; atom
hài injure, harm; destroy, kill
jǐa potassium
what? why not?
dried up; exhausted, tired; dry
jía mixed; abundant; assorted, repeated
xía name of a variety of grass, (same as 莫) not
jía industry, sound of making strenuous efforts
gài cover, hide, protect
ān small box or case; casket
gnaw, bite, nibble
hào dried up; exhausted, tired; dry
a kind of grain (looks like millet but much smaller)
xía (same as 匣) a case; a small box
small, petty; harsh, rigorous
(Cant.) final partical expressing surprise
hūo till, dig
jíe kài thirsty, parched; yearn, pine
hàn mouth; jaw
háo badger; raccoon dog
the bells on the cart in ancient China
lotus, water lily, holland
a chariot, carriage; a carriage pull-bar
close; whole, entire; all; leaf
jǐa potassium kalium
(same as standard form 犍) a kind of cattle, castrated bull; ox
(same as 熆) to blow a fire
lùo angle steel, legs of a table
eat seeds; reproach; loquacious
jíe to lie flat, to be inactive; stiff; rigid, dead-locked
jìe crossbill, species of nightingale
xía white color
dùo a kind of jade
a wooden artical to be used to adjust a bow, a tiger shaped wooden artical used to stop the music in ancient times
gāi ài hài kǎi blocked or separated; to prevent
river in Shandong province
small side door; chamber
hùo (same as 壑) the bed of a torrent; a gully, a pool
(of land) poor and barren; field which is not arable
coarse woolen cloth; dull, dark
gài cover, hide, protect
hàn hán qīn mouth; jaw
xīe scorpion
gài cover, hide, protect
hǎn kǎn ruggedness of the road; difficulties of the way; bad luck, unable to reach one's aim
stem of feather; quill
glistening plumage; reflection of the sun on water
xía linchpin of wheel; control
ài spoiled, sour, mouldly
close; whole, entire; all; leaf
gnaw, bite, nibble
healthy; strong, hair-less
kǎn a sort of nightingale which is said to sing for the dawn; also the name for a large bat with awing-spread of two feet, a sort of pheasant
jiǎo zhúo jiào deliver, submit; hand over
investigate, consider, examine
a marmot-like rat with a big head
jìe crossbill, species of nightingale
shé water plant
hùo lophanthus rugosus, betony
hùo in harmony; calm, peaceful