Mandarin Search: he4

xìa scare, frighten; intimidate
sound angrily; roaring with rage, (same as 嘛) (a dialect) what; the tone implying to remind
what, why, where, which, how
hùo húo harmony, peace; peaceful, calm
hùo húo harmony; peace; conciliation; to be on good terms with; kindly; mild
congratulate; send present
a bird flying high ambition
gūi hùo silicon
hēi black; dark; evil, sinister
congratulate; send present
drink; shout, call out
xīe xíe smoke or flames from fire; roast
(same as 熆) to blow a fire
hóng xíe (same as 暍) sunstroke, hot; feverish
lotus, water lily, holland
fén (ancient form of 敲) to rap; to tap; to beat, big; great; large; tall; high
xiāo xiào to flute
kào fly
shì bright, radiant, glowing
to see; to observe or examine
xùe rosy clouds of dawn; rosy dawn, sounds of the fire
hùo (same as 壑) the bed of a torrent; a gully, a pool
coarse woolen cloth; dull, dark
name of a river
crane; Grus species (various)
hùo sǔo quickly, suddenly; surname
(non-classical form of 暍) sunstroke, hot; feverish
glistening plumage; reflection of the sun on water
húa distiller's grains or yeast
bǎi (simplified form 襬) the lower part of a garment; skirt; petticoat
xìa scare, frighten; intimidate
hùo bed of torrent, narrow ravine
feud, fight, quarrel
hot; burning, fur clothing, weapons, drum
apprehensive; fearful; afraid, ashamed, uneasy in mind; not feeling at peace; disturbed
one of the 36 gardens in Han Dynasty, (same as 馰) horse with white forehead; fine horse
crane; Grus species (various)
hùo in harmony; calm, peaceful
(non-classical form of ) (same as 鶴) crane
red-and-black color, blue-and-black color, black color