Mandarin Search: ji3

small table
self, oneself; personal, private; 6th heavenly stem
name of a mountain
name of a place
record, annal, historical account
court-dress jewels
kind of white wine; rivers in Hebei and Shandong
louse eggs, nits
crowd, squeeze, push against
help, aid, relieve; ferry, cross
gěi give; by, for
record, annal, historical account
leather, animal hides; rad. 177
spine, backbone; ridge
drag aside, pull; drag one foot
(ancient form of 濟) various; varied; numerous, elegant and dignified
(abbreviated form of 擠) to crowd; to throng; to push; to squeeze
(same as 踦)one-legged, crippled; halt, a defect, tired, the shin
halberd with crescent blade
how many? how much?; a few, some
red slippers, (corrupted form of 履) shoes
a lance with two points, a halberd with a crescent -shaped blade; weapons used in ancient times, to stimulate; to provoke; to excite; to irritate, to point with the index finger and the middle finger; to describe angry or an awe-inspiring display of milit
è gùi to discard, to abandon, to die; death
gěi xía give; by, for
species of deer
name of fish
the shin; to pierce; to touch
to help, aid, relieve; to ferry, cross
crowd, squeeze, push against
louse eggs, nits
to accumulate or to store up rice, to purchase grain with public funds and store it against famine
to strain out; to filter wine; to squeeze juice out of; to draw; to press milk