Mandarin Search: ju2

bureau, office; circumstance
a cove; a bay, a bend or nook in the hills, the outside part of a curved bank; the curve of a bow
narrow, cramped, confined
a leather ball for kicking
jíe xíe Chinese bellflower; well-swept; the inner fibers of corn-stalks
hold in hands
body, fat; plump
chǔ a kind of animal
(Cant.) to roast, bake; to suffocate, stuffy
prudent; cautious
to grasp or hold with both hands
an appliance used to lift food; something like a narrow, long table, to carry; to transport
chú to till; to plough; to cultivate, agricultural implements; farm tools
a small plot of land
to bind or restrain; restraint; restriction, timid and awkward, to wind around; to tangle, to connect; to join, together with
bent, stooped, crouched; contract
the toad (especially in reference to the one supposed to live on the moon), earthworm
(Cant.) to suffocate
to make a judicial investigation
name of a valley in today's Shanxi Province
orange, tangerine
jìu a pigeon-like bird; with a comb or crest, a shrike; butcherbird
to wrap or band, (same as 鞠) to nourish, to inform, a ball a child
qīong bow, bend; rear, raise, nourish
chú chick, fledging; infant, toddler
interrogate, question
shrike; Lanius species (various)
the globefish; blowfish; puffer
(simplified form 鶪) a shrike
to seize, as a bird of prey, to seize and carry off, to grasp
(interchangeable 菊) flower of the chrysanthemum; chrysanthemun
wild ghost; ghost without head; a demon