Mandarin Search: kan3

kǎn (Cant.) cover, lid
kǎn pit, hole; snare, trap; crisis
kǎn (same as 杴) a shovel, a trough to carry off water, a wood-board; a plank
kǎn upright and strong; amiable
kǎn hack, chop, cut, fell
kǎn a place in Taiwan Tainan
kǎn ancient family name
kǎn a pit, a hole, a snare, a danger; a crisis; a mortar
欿 kǎn discontented; sad; gloomy
jìan kǎn threshold, door-sill
jìan kǎn (non-classical of 餞) to entertain a departing friend, a parting present of food or money
kǎn same as 轗 , to fail; a difficulty, misfortune
hǎn jìan kǎn a mountain stream or torrent, a measurement used in ancient times; a hundred million waterways (ditches) equal to a mountain stream, a river in ancient, head source in south of Henan Province, flowing east then north to conbine with Gushui (today's Jianhe
hǎn kǎn ruggedness of the road; difficulties of the way; bad luck, unable to reach one's aim
jìan kǎn xǐan threshold, door-sill
kǎn a sort of nightingale which is said to sing for the dawn; also the name for a large bat with awing-spread of two feet, a sort of pheasant
kǎn yellow
kǎn fail
hàn kǎn thin and sickly in appearance; emaciated look, to move one's head
kǎn yán yàn fine teeth, irregular teeth