Mandarin Search: ke3

may, can, -able; possibly
(same as 岢) name of a mountain in Shanxi province
clod of earth, lump of soil
to thump; to beat; to strike; to attack
to pull; to dray; to hinder; to santch away
qìa to laugh hertily; to roar with laughter, to breath
what? why not?
excellent; to commend to be able to
júe xúe (interchangeable ) a numerary adjunct for practically everything; a thread; a yarn, clothes for the dead, linen thread; silk thread
bèi a small melon
kǔan numerary adjunct for trees
kùo to go to the very source; to search into carefully
jíe kài thirsty, parched; yearn, pine
to quell; to punish by force of arms, enemy; foe, to oppose; to resist
kǔan grain, kernel
hit; collide, knock into; sound
lǔo (same as 渴) thirsty, to thirst, urgent; anxiously (awaiting, etc.), (interchangeable 愒) to rest; to stop, to idle away (time)
kǔan grain, kernel
jùn valiant; brave, eminent
jíe (same as 蠽) a blue-green colored cicada
shé water plant