Mandarin Search: lan4

làn rotten, spoiled, decayed
lían lǐan lìan làn join, connect; continuous; even
làn hawser, heavy-duty rope, cable
lìan làn smelt, refine; distill, condense
làn destroyed or ruined; to rot or decay; to disintegrate or decompose
làn flood, overflow; excessive
làn warming sake, to heat sake
jìan lán làn cut into thin slices; to mince, sharp
làn jìan lǎn lán flood, overflow; excessive
làn lán lanthanum
làn to go beyond normal limit; excessive; out of control, to covet; greedy, to be impolite, used in girl's name
lán làn door screen; railing fence
lán làn (same as 嬾) lazy; indolent; idle; inactive; reluctant; disinclined
làn rotten, spoiled, decayed
lǎn làn look at, inspect; perceive
làn lǎng jade and stone, fine jade
lán làn lanthanum
lán làn a container for bows and arrows
làn hawser, heavy-duty rope, cable
lài làn a second name for shad (with a head like a sturgeon)