Mandarin Search: lao3

lǎo old, aged; experienced
lǎo (Cant.) man, person; mature
lǎo maternal grandmother; midwife
lǎo a bucket made of willow, (a dialect) to lift (especially when only a single person is involved)
lǎo a noise; a sound
lǎo a basket
lǎo zhái shape of the mountain, a mountain in today's Shandong Province
lǎo rhodium
lǎo containers made of thin and long strip of bamboo or willow branches
lǎo rhodium ruthenium
liáo lǎo to hunt at night by torches
lǎo lào láo liáo liǎo to flood; a puddle; without care
liǎo lǎo lǐu smartweed, polygonum
lǎo a kind of water bird, a vulture; a condor
lǎo a primitive tribe in southwest China; also known as 夷; (same as 獠) nocturnal hunting
lǎo láo liǎo rut
lǎo lào dry fruit (e.g. nuts), dried fruit
lǎo yellow; straw colord