Mandarin Search: li2

𠩺 to split, rive, crack
chǐ tree
beautiful, magnificent, elegant
máo tail; hair; yak
thousandth part of tael
a pure black horse; a pair of horses
(same as 劙) to divide, to partition, to cut; to hack; to reap
mái fox
chī rare beast; strange; elegant
máo (same as 蟊) insects that are injurious to crops
a hod, a basket in which to carry earth
pear; opera; cut, slash
gramme; syllable
Chinese oriole; Oriolus oriolus
(a variant of 黎) many; numerous, black; dark
lái (abbreviated form) to resent; to hate, to neglect; negligent, joy; delight; gratification
a pear
(same as 蜊) a kind of clam with thick white shells
river in Guangxi province; water dripping
a bridal veil; to tie; to bind
máo (same as 膧 犛) a black ox, a yak, name of a state in old times
chí white jasmine
lines; stripes; veins
máo flowing hair of young child
a widow
chī to spread (name, news); to be known
shāi shī strain
thick congee or porridge; well-boiled congee or gruel, (same as 黎) many; numerous
mái a fox-like animal
(same as 蜊) a kind of clam with thick white shells
to deceived, loquacious
saliva; spittle; flowing downstream
máo tail; hair; yak
li glass
máo a black ox, a yak
surname; numerous, many; black
sorrow, grief; incur, meet with
gracilaria verrucosa
happiness and well-being; bliss; propitious; auspicious, evil spirit; a hobgoblin produced from the weird emanations of the trees and rocks on the hills, (interchangeable 魑) a mountain demon resembling a tiger
the mole
measurement; two bundle of grains (same as 離) bend of the ears of the variety of millet (because of the weight of the ears)
a kind of bean; edible
(simplified form of ) turban used in ancient times
a tribe in ancient times
(same as 蔾) a kind of plant; the caltrop; caltrap
bridal veil
a bridal veil; to tie; to bind
bamboo or wooden fence; hedge
a mountain in ancient times; Lieshan in Guizhou province
dregs of wine
manage, control; 1/1000 of a foot
(Cant.) to come, arrive
kind of bramble
to walk slowly; to parade
a kind of tree
chī leave, depart; go away; separate
beautiful, magnificent, elegant
(non-classical form of 黧) dark yellow, black mark, light yellow; sallow
dry food
mái wēi to bury, to stop up; dirty, filthy
lái a dark, sallow colour
lēi (Cant.) to come
name of a variety of bamboo; used as a musical instrument
lúo lǔo wood-boring insect; bore into wood
Chenopodium album, pigweed
xǐan shī sprinkle, splash; scatter, throw
short name for Guangxi province
chī to stick; sticky
a kind of turban used in ancient time
mái misty, foggy; dust storm
zhí place in today's Henan province
(same as 籬) a bamboo fence; a hedge
a divide, to partition
(traditional form of ) a kind of turban used in ancient times
carbuncle, sallow and emaciated, scrofulous swellings
bamboo or wooden fence; hedge
shǎi shī shǐ long; dangling; kerchief; rope
new feather; damp; moist and sticky, a thin-silk curtain
gracilaria verrucosa
shāi shī strain
chí a pure black horse; a pair of horses
Chinese oriole; Oriolus oriolus