Mandarin Search: lie4

𤢪 lìe to hunt
lìe bad, inferior; slightly
lìe a line; to arrange in order, classify
lìe cold and raw; pure, clear
lìe perverse, recalcitrant, rebellious
lìe (same as 擸) to hold, to grasp, to hold the hair; to pull at; (Cant.) to take at a glance
lìe clear
lìe enclosure, dike, embankment
lìe (Cant.) intensifier
lìe fiery, violent, vehement, ardent
lìe grieved; distressed
lìe a kind inferior wood
lìe (Cant.) row
lìe cattle with white stripe on the back, variegated; parti-colored, mixed; impure
lìe twist with hands; snap, tear
lìe the stalk (stem) of grain, neat and orderly rows of rice seedling
lèi lěi léi lìe tired; implicate, involve; bother
lìe qùe hunt; field sports
lìe sedges; rushes
lìe lǐe split, crack, break open; rend
lìe to till or to plough the fields (same as 埒)an enclosure, an embankment, a dike
lìe not progressing; to be checked
lìe shoulders, upper arms
lìe sound of broken tiles, thin tiles
lìe name of a variety of grass, (same as 茢) a broom
lìe name of a horse, horses in an ordered line; to travel quickly; to move fast; to hasten, tame, well-bred, to put under control
lìe a kind of jade
lìe (simplified form 鴷) a woodpecker
lìe to hold, to grasp; to hold the hair; to pull at; (Cant.) to glance
lìe hunt; field sports
lìe rags
lìe (same as 鬣) long beard or whiskers, a mane; bristles, as on a hog; dorsal fins
㯿 lìe handle of a ladle, a plant; wistaria, or wisteria, a certain trees in Sichuan; material for candle
lài lìe fierce of fire, cruel; malicious, fire; flame
lìe eyesight obscured, abnormal vision; (Cant.) to glance at, sweep the eyes over
lìe name of a variety of bamboo, covering made of bamboo strips
lìe to separate the meat from the bones with teeth, the sound of using teeth to separate the meat from the bones
lìe (same as 鬣) long beard or whiskers, mane, fins
lìe name of a village in old China, name of a valley
lìe variant of 鬣 , a mane
lìe to stride over; to step across
lìe metal decoration on a halter
lìe horse's mane; fin; human whiskers
lìe sunset
lìe (Cant.) 赤鱲角, Hong Kong place name