Mandarin Search: lu4

𡀔 used in transliteration
lìu number six
to loose, take off, get rid of
valley, gorge, ravine
jiǎo júe horn; angle, corner; point
lìu land, continental; army
to carve wood
copy, write down, record
a chariot, carriage; a carriage pull-bar
bribe; give present
to rain, cold; wintry
(a dialect) zhuang (a minority ethnic group) in Guangxi, said of the level ground; plain between mountains
绿 green; chlorine
bones of a thin horse
strain; (Cant.) to scald
Indistinct nasal utterance, laugh, sound of birds
鹿 deer; surname; KangXi radical 198
used in girl's name
lìu land, continental; army; an accounting form of 六 (six)
fat of animals or plants, fat; plump; obese
unstable, dull, rough; coarse
sound of beating, to strike, sound of an object dropping into water, etc.
jade like stone
darkness; the sun is dimmed
dài leave without reason; surname
blessing, happiness, prosperity
bribe; give present
lùo road, path, street; journey
a chariot, carriage; a carriage pull-bar
lào lùo cream, cheese; koumiss
lìu lùo rough, uneven, rocky; mediocre
祿 blessing, happiness, prosperity
join forces, unite
humiliate; treat with contempt
hissing sound of the clothes
flying over the water surface, flying up; soaring
used in girl's name
green; chlorine
a peaceful or easy mood; calm at mind, to move; to turn the mind, conversion
the green bamboo; greenish bamboo
filter, strain; wet, dripping
a kind of insect
lǒu to rob; to loot; to plunder
(Cant.) to scald with steam
to reverence; to respect, (same as 蹗) to walk
river in northern china
kill, massacre; oppress
windlass, pulley, capstan; wheel
a kind of green-colored wine
to make fun of, to having the same idea, feeling, etc.
car (of a train); compartment; the inside of a cart, axis; pivot; axle; an axletree
a pulley, a windlass, a wheel, a block
copy, write down, record
rocks; stones; minerals, etc.
liào small fish net, to catch fish with small fish net
(ancient form of 麓) foot of a hill or mountain
beautiful variety of jade
chōu to be healed; to reform
lìu mediocre; busy; occupied; roller
liǎo lǎo lǐu smartweed, polygonum
a box, a basket
pure; unallyed, honest; simple, purely
a quiver
name of a legendary swift horse
heron, egret; Ardea species (various)
windlass, pulley, capstan; wheel
foot of hill; foothill
a kind of fish
fine bamboo
lòu dew; bare, open, exposed
to plug a hole
heron, egret; Ardea species (various)
a fabulous creature, something like a deer, with a single horn