Mandarin Search: mao2

máo mào hair, fur, feathers; coarse
máo spear, lance; KangXi radical 110
máo tail; hair; yak
mǎo máo lǐu still waters; river in Jiangsu
mào máo to choose; to select; greens
hào máo mào consume, use up; waste, squander
máo a kind of ancient flag; old
máo mào (corrupted form) in contravention of; to offend (same as 冒) incautious, to risk, to put forth
máo reeds, rushes, grass; surname
mǎo máo species of grass, water mallows
máo mg
máo (same as 蟊) insects that are injurious to crops
māo máo miáo cat
máo anchor
máo (same as 膧 犛) a black ox, a yak, name of a state in old times
máo (non-classical, abbreviated form of 氂) horse tail, long hair; thick hair, (variant of 膧) a wild yak
líu máo horse with long mane
máo feeble; weak of the rice plant
máo flowing hair of young child
máo móu a fly which is used similarly to cantharides
máo a black ox, a yak
máo tail; hair; yak
máo state
máo méng a fly which is used similarly to cantharides
máo anchor