Mandarin Search: meng4

mèng first in series; great, eminent
máng mén mèng (same as non-classical form of 璊) a red colored jade
mèng méng dream; visionary; wishful
méng míng mèng swear; oath, covenant, alliance
bèi měng mèng rage; anger, to cast an angry look; to give the black looks
měng mèng grasshopper
mèng a dream; to dream visionary; stupid
mèng méng dream; visionary; wishful
méng mèng Chinese pennisetum) Pennisetum alopecuroides)
méng mèng máng eyesight obscured; to feel ashamed
mèng dull, stupid, doltish
mèng the sharp edge of a shovel or a spade
mèng weary; tired; fatigued, lime; crippled, to stumble and fall
mèng (non-classical from of 瞢) dark and obscure, obscure; not bright, used in girl's name, good; fine
mèng (standard form) a dream; todream, visionary, stupid
mèng to melt, to sell, to fling a lance or a spear; to brandish spears as if they were flying