Mandarin Search: mi2

extensive, full; fill; complete
xǐan hunt; autumn hunting; to capture with a fine net
shēn deep
one's deceased father
mèi bewitch, charm, infatuate
mèi riddle, conundrum; puzzle
(non-classical and abbreviated form) shape of the mountain
a general term for nets
macacus monkey
be blinded
the clustered embroidery patterns (as tiny and fine rice)
zhěn to deal with affairs cautiously, head with less hair, ashamed; humiliated
(corrupted form of 謎) riddle; pubble; conundrum
(same as 麋) a kind of deer; Alces machlis
extensive, full; fill; complete
xǐan hunt; autumn hunting; to capture with a fine net
méi rice gruel, congee; mashed
halter for ox; tie up, harness
mèi riddle, conundrum; puzzle
elk; surname
(same as 縻) to tie; to fasten; to connect
rotten paste or soybean sauce; to grow mildewed
to knit; to twist ropes, a belt to hang sword, poor qualitied silk wadding
mìe to beat; to strike; to attack, to cut, to diminish, to decide; to udge, to weight; to measure, to wipe; to rub, to dust; to clean
to touch, feel with the hand
méi divide, disperse, scatter
fawn, young deer
cǔi coarse rice, red rice
xǐan one's deceased father
nǎi xǐan milk, the breasts of a woman, to suckle, word of respect for women, (for Qi's people) mother, used in girl's name
macacus monkey
pèi to loose the bow-string, a kind of jade, (same as 彌) full, great, boundless, to complete
a little slanted; smooth, name of a mountain
bìe thin and flat slips of bamboo used for weaving purpose
name of a variety of grass
(same as 爢) cooked or well-done; cooked soft, (interchangeable 糜) mashed
a kind of plant; putchuck, the root of a species of thistle found in Cashmere; roseleaf raspberry (Rubus rosaefolius var. Coronarius)
a sickle
to break into pieces; to smash; completely smashed, chips; crumbs, refined; polished (rice); unmixed
wine brew for the second time