Mandarin Search: mi3

hulled or husked uncooked rice
mīe bleat of sheep; surname
měi to soothe, to pacify; to settle, to establish
èr nài a second, an assistant
stop, desist, end, quell
mīe bleat of sheep; surname
pacify, soothe, stabilize
open; throw away
(non-classical abbreviated form of 瀰) a watery expanse, to be cover with, to disseminate every where, currents of the water
be blinded
the clustered embroidery patterns (as tiny and fine rice)
mǐan to arouse to action; to encourage, to temper and grind; to train or discipline oneself (toward a goal); to sharpen (a knife); to forge to harden, (same as 弭) to stop; to end; to eliminate
law, rule; open up, develop
have a nighmare, sound sleep
yàn to exert oneself to yell; to yell loudly; to shout, overbearing; arrogant, vigorous
roe or spawn, a fish
méi divide, disperse, scatter
a little slanted; smooth, name of a mountain
to feed a baby, (non-classical form of 糜) congee; porridge; rice gruel